Granny Linda Banjo Papa
A Division of Olive Branch Records
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I’m a proud Granny who would be GRANNY to the world if they would let me!

Having been married to a musician for the past 25 years, (thus the gray hair…LOL) I have grown to love the honesty of Bluegrass Music and the instruments used. While my husband, AKA “Bird” or “Pa Pa”, has been Blessed since childhood with an unbelievable gift for music, it looks like the good Lord gifted me with a love of humanity and the Gift of Gab!

After visiting the Gold Tone folks in Titusville, FL several times to add to Birds collection of these beautiful instruments, I suggested to Bird that we combine our talents to market them! As a Gold Tone dealer, we feel we can offer not only GREAT customer service, but hands on knowledge of all Gold Tone has to offer. Bird (Pa Pa), has been involved in the music industry since the mid 60’s. His musical knowledge and my business ability (30 years as a GA and NC Real Estate Broker) will be put to use making your Gold Tone purchase the pleasure it should be!

Give us a call if you have questions at 1-678-773-3128. Granny has got to sell some Banjos to keep Pa Pa playing!

Be Blessed!