The following are comments about 'Guitaria' that I've received in e-mails or have been posted on the Thorn Guitar, Birds and Moons (BaM) and Gear Page Forums.
Thanks everyone for all of the encouraging comments...they really make a guy feel mighty good!!!
James Shimota
Thorn & Gear Page Forums
Redlands, CA.
I received my copy of Mick Youmans 'Guitaria' CD yesterday and it is fantastic. Mick seems like too humble a guy to say it for himself so I will. His skillful and diverse songwriting and playing style is down right impressive on all counts. The songs are instrumental and full of emotions from serene to rocking. The multi-tracking he did to pull this all together is absolute first rate. I'm no recording engineer, but to my ears the mix is even and the song transitions smooth. If I didn't know better, I would have assumed that this CD came right off the shelf at your favorite music store.

I own hundreds of CD's and Mick's will definitely take it's rightful place among the other quality CD's I've purchased from Ariel and Scott P., all of which showcase fine talent.

So if you haven't sent in a order to Mick, do it. Fabulous guitar and song composition. And just to be clear, I don't even know Mick outside of this Forum, I just believe that good works should be recognized and praised for what they are.

Leon Chalnick
Thorn Forum
James - absolutely agree. Mick's got some serious talent (and his brothers too!). I posted a thread about this when I heard an earlier mix of this CD. He's a humble guy though and you won't hear him tootin' his own horn around here. Anyway, keep up the great work Mick!
--------Leon's Thread --------
I've been listening to some original material from Mick Youmans lately. I know some of you guys know Mick from the old PRS Forum and maybe a forum event. I've gotten to hear a number of things Mick has written and recorded. And man...he is one talented guy! He's got a great sense of melody and a real natural feel to his playing. Great tone and chops too. His recordings are very professional sounding and nicely produced too. And having had the pleasure of meeting Mick at one of the forum events a couple years ago, I know he is a real gentleman and plain old good person!
Carl Floyd
Thorn Forum
Kingsport, TN.
Yeah, my copy has been in my truck for over a week.

Holy Sonic Tour de Force! Quite an array of textures, tones, & symphony of guitars. Awesome job, Mick!

I'll be listening to it traveling for Thanksgiving. Headed down your way, Mick. Family reunion in Peachtree City, GA.
Kevin Perkins
Thorn forum
Gresham, OR.
Just gave it the 1st listen. Whoa baby. This a lot of intense playing. Incredible arrangement of songs. Very nice Mick. Thank you.

Shreve Waxter
Thorn & Gear Page Forum
Columbia MD.
Although Mick is a friend of mine, I finally got a chance to listen to this last Saturday night. Needless to say, I was pretty impressed. The first two tracks were killer and my fave. I'll put this one on again when I get the time for a deeper listen. Brian S. and Ariel also contributed.

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I'd have bought this CD even if Mick wasn't a friend.

I have been playing this CD to non-guitar playing friends, just saying "I picked this up at the store, whattya' think? All have really dug it. Going to order a few for holiday gifts.

Scott Peterson
Gear Page, BaM, Thorn
Ysplanti, MI.
Guys, I have a copy of this CD; it is extremely well done. This is no vanity project. Top notch playing, arrangements and material. Highly recommended.  It is a great polished work, totally professional. Serious skills.
George Waldmann
Bam & Gear Page Forums
Bethesda, MD.
Mick, I'm glad to see this post appear again, because I just received and listened to Guitaria. Stunning work, wow! That last section of the individual track "Guitaria" just knocks me out. And yes, the drummer is excellent, too. I can't imagine how much work must have gone into this.

At the risk of asking you to give away trade secrets, how were you getting that searing, infinitely sustaining lead tone on many of the cuts?

Your CD is killin', man.  Great job.

Best, George

Dan Desy
BaM Forum
Plymouth, MN.
Allow me to revive this thread. I received my copy last week, but didn't get a chance to listen to it until yesterday/today.

If I had to pick one word to describe what I heard, I'd use brilliant. Mick, I think you have a sense of melody and harmony that is really great to hear! The compositions and arrangements are also great. This is a nice piece of work.

I particularly enjoyed College Days so far. But that's mostly because I got it! Tipping your hat to the music you listened to during that important phase of life... I heard some Aerosmith, definitely some Extreme (!), maybe some Zep, Rush (?). And of course Dream Theater, which was hard to miss. Except for the Take The Time excerpt, I thought you had nicely caught the spirit of your idols without ripping them. And the DT part was a nice reference point.

Anyway, all in all, I really, really like this album, and I recommend it to all BaMmers.   Trust me, you'll like it.
Ariel Pozzo
BaM Forum
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dan, I honestly think the same as you...Mick's work is outstanding and can hold its own against anything out there.

But regarding Vectra...I'm glad he decided to include it on this CD...I remember when my own CD came out, a few weeks pass by and I got a CD from Mick, he had added some harmony guitars to the finished tune, and I thought: "WOW"...he simply took the song to a higher place...I really lamented it was too late to include his contribution on my own Deep Inside when Mick asked for permission to use my song with his own overdubbed guitars on his Guitaria CD, I was happy to say YES!!! since I consider this song to be complete fact I don't like the way the "naked" version sounds now...thanks Mick!!!
And BTW...Guitaria is guys should buy a copy for yourselves, and another one to give away to friends...
Best wishes, I hope this CD gets you where you deserve to be musically, you're a very talented musician.
BTW...I got it today...great music!!
Mark Ray
Gear Page and Thorn Forums
Knoxville, TN.
Hey Mick, I've been enjoying my copy for several days now. In a word, UROCK!

Steve Foley
Gear Page Forum
Visalia, CA.
Sounds great, Mick!

Has a bit of a Brian May meets Craig Chaquico, w/ some PK flavor thrown in the mix. Great chops - all the flavors fit the bill, for the music style being played. Very controlled feel, but on the edge of being out of control. Harmonies are awesome - I thought you were using a harmonizer or octaver, and was looking on your website, and saw you'd tracked each layer - very cleanly done.
Every riff felt like it was meant to be there, and your song descriptions on your website added to the feel of it all. Just a suggestion: if you have a way to incorporate the descriptions into your inner liner notes, that might add to the enjoyment of it.
Thanks for a great CD - no amateur mix, this one....sounds well put together.

The Folster

Dave Bacon
Thorn Forum
Sydney, Australia
I must say I'm really impressed with the playing and writing.  Excellent stuff indeed.  You should be very proud.


Wes Fleming
Thorn Forum
Alexandria, VA.
Got mine, digging it. Thanks Mick!

Brian Scherzer
Gear Page Forum
Mick.............I received the CD yesterday and have finally been able to listen to it via being in the car. I have to say that you have grown quite a bit in your playing since I first heard you. The music is VERY melodic and, being into guitar harmonies and a southern feel to rock, your CD has been a real joy to listen to. If interested, I was particularly enjoying cuts #6 and 10.  I was very impressed!

Ray Martindale
Corpus Christi, Texas
Hi Mick...
Got the CD today. Wow! Very impressive indeed!! Let's see if I can nail your influences. How about Brian May, Satch, and Steve Morse? Your playing has certainly been refined since the days of watching you play along with "Since We've Ended As Lovers" at the lake house. You should be very proud of this work. The Boss GT-6 is pretty impressive.

BTW....Frank did a great job too.

BaM Forum
San Francisco Bay Area, California
My CD arrived today and it's playing now.  I'm really enjoying it!  There's a lot going on structurally, and some great playing.
I have very few "guitar" albums in my collection - usually I find the solo guitar stuff unable to maintain my interest for long.  This is different. Great work, Mick.
Mario Garcia
St. Mary's, Georgia
I finally had a chance to listen your complete CD. I really liked it. It reminded me some of the music I used to listen years ago, when I was younger and had much more free time. Carlos Santana and also Gary Moore and even Mike Oldfield. If I had to choose my favorites would be the powerful “Vectra” and “College Days”.
Thanks for the music !
Gear Page Forum
In no order, people who's playing I dig...
Mick Youmans

I know there are a ton of players I'm missing here...but these guys immediately came to mind. I'd play in a band with any of them, anytime.

BaM Forum
I've been listening to it for a week -- very cool stuff Mick - I'm digging it!
BaM Forum
Geordieland, UK
Great album, great guitars, very nice production and great melodies !!!
Doug Lewis
BaM Forum
I'll also vouch to buy the CD. Mine arrived Christmas Eve and we listened to it while playing cards. It got praise from my 13 year old son who plays guitar, and my 64 year old mother inlaw (who doesn't) said more than once how much she liked it. Great stuff! Thanks Mick
Christof Matthiesen
BaM Forum
Berlin, Germany
You are one talented player, Mick. Very good.
Vinni Smith
BaM Forum
I have really been enjoying your cd Guitaria
I just love the melodies and harmonies and great tones!
I would reccomend it to any guitar music lover.........
Gear Page Forum
Cedar Rapids,Iowa
Very tasteful stuff. I am enjoying.
Ken Ireland
Gear Page Forum
Long Island, N.Y. and
South Carolina
Very nice Mick!